Cool your home and extend the life of your roof using the power of the sun.  The Solar*Star solar power attic fan is a great option for ventilation and an alternative to costly, loud electric fans.  Have Solar*Brite install an efficient solar power attic fan today in an hour or less with prompt friendly service.

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It's all in the name.  Quiet Cool Whole House Fans work quietly to cool your home and circulate stagnant air.  Have Solar*Brite determine what size and model will work best to provide your house with clean circulated air and maximize the efficiency of your home.  Decrease temperature's inside and get your stale air evacuated today as we can install these in half a day

Brighten up your Home or Office today with a Solatube Daylighting System.  Normal installation takes about 2-3 Hours and is a very affordable way to bring natural daylight into you Dark Spaces.

We are a Certified VELUX Dealer, & Supply & Install​​​​​​  Both Commercial & Residential Skylights. Conventional Glass Skylights add Great eye appeal, Class and functionality to any Building.  Options include Ventilation & Blinds.  Solar * Brite's expert team can do installations in just a Few Days.


We are here to help you every step of the way through the installation process!

You can also help us by providing some project details and basic info within the contact us page.